World Report is a communications agency providing country reports to readers in the United Kingdom via an exclusive distribution agreement with The Independent, a leading British broadsheet newspaper.

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World Report has an exclusive distribution agreement with The Independent, one of the leading broadsheet newspapers in the United Kingdom. The Independent is an influential daily newspaper providing clear perspective on current affairs across the globe in the 21st century. It's reputation, journalistic and innovative approach to newspaper design and content integrity has won many industry and consumer awards. The Independent was the first British newspaper to launch the compact format, with other broadsheets promptly following suit.

Published in the heart of London, the world's financial capital, The Independent thrives on the cosmopolitan nature of one of the world's capital cities and attains independence via a myriad of perspectives that feed into its articles and features. The Independent has a circulation of 188,199 and readership of over 670,000 (Independent Media Pack April 2010). This newspaper is read by influential people in intermediate to high managerial roles. They are high-level consumers looking to keep abreast of international relations. The Independent has a loyal, well-educated and affluent readership from across the political spectrum in the United Kingdom and appeals to liberal readers searching for objective news.

The United Kingdom continues to hold the greatest concentration of opinion formers and world influence. It is an ideal environment for business to grown and succeed in international markets, offering a global gateway of connections. A recognised leader in the field of innovation and creativity, Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world. According to the European Attractiveness Survey 2010 conducted by Ernst & Young, the United Kingdom is rated the most attractive location for investment in Europe. At US$ 1.0 trillion, the UK's stock of foreign direct investment is exceeded only by the USA (Source: UK Trade & Investment 2010).The Independent

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World Report has been publishing country reports for readers in the United Kingdom since 1996.

World Folio is the commercial face of AFA Press, a leading press and communications agency.


World Report provides the opportunity for a career overseas or at our head office in London.

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World Report firmly believes communication is a two-way process.

Founded in August 2011, twf-wWorld Folio is a leading press and communications agency that works via a network of press agencies to provide content for the production and publication of world supplements and economic reports.

These reports help key decision-makers keep their eye on the latest global trends and influence the international business landscape.

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